Flooring in healthcare - Gerflor

WITH quality, outcomes, and value being the watchwords for healthcare in the 21st century, healthcare sector stakeholders in the UK are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centred environments that provide comfort, hygiene, durability and safety.

The flooring element of this equation is a crucial cog in the delivery of the patient, staff and visitor experience.

Gerflor says it’s grown and developed to become an expert in the healthcare field by creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, decorative, durable, hygienic and environmentally-responsible flooring for a host of healthcare-related solutions.

Providing the UK health sector with a range of products that deliver comfort, safety and durability is perceived to be pivotal by Gerflor. Supplying this market with flooring products that are fit-for-purpose and lend a more creative approach to specification requirements is a key element of Gerflor’s overall healthcare offer.

A suitable choice for a raft of healthcare flooring solutions is claimed to be Taralay Premium from Gerflor, which is said to be ‘an incredibly hardwearing and colourful flooring collection. It comes with a palette of 80 on trend colours and designs to choose from’.

Some colours within the existing designs (Metallica, Osmoz, Brazilia and Indiana) have been retained and some have been refreshed to offer an updated, harmonised palette.

‘The additions to the collection see 18 colours added to the best-selling Taralay Premium ranges, together with two new designs: Poesy which has a random terrazzo effect thanks to the pearly and metallic flake patterns used, and Neopolis which is again inspired by the terrazzo effect with clean, neutral urban tones with a transparent effect delivering depth and emphasis,’ says the company.

These new designs reportedly offer designers an added spectrum of choices and effects.

The Taralay Premium collection incorporates two design variants, Compact and Comfort. Taralay Premium Compact is a multi-layered floor which is claimed to provide excellent resistance to static and dynamic loads.

‘It has extreme traffic resistance with a 1mm wearlayer which has no filler for outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance with quick indentation recovery (0.02mm) and superb dimensional stability with minimal rucking when heavy objects are wheeled across the surface,’ says the company. ‘This multi layered vinyl flooring has a long-lasting appearance through the incorporation of densely pressed colour chips in the wearlayer.’

As with Taralay Premium Compact, Taralay Premium Comfort from Gerflor reportedly provides a perfect solution for heavy traffic areas with a wearlayer of 1mm, also with no filler for outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance.

Taralay Premium Comfort is claimed to deliver very high acoustic performance (17dB) and has an indentation resistance to 0.06mm owing to its double glass fibre grid plus very high density (VHD) foam backing. Taralay Premium Comfort is also claimed to have a long-lasting appearance where the design remains in the whole thickness of the wearlayer.

‘Taralay Premium Compact and Comfort are treated with Evercare, the latest unique polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking,’ says Gerflor.

‘Evercare provides outstanding chemical stain resistance and increases the long-term durability of the flooring. This treatment has excellent maintenance characteristics; it requires no wax for life. This innovative stain shield blocks even the toughest stains and delivers a soothing matt effect for a very modern look.’

As with most flooring products these days sustainability is key in manufacturing and performance. ‘Taralay Premium from Gerflor delivers the ultimate sustainable choice providing; excellent indoor air quality, VOC emissions < 10μg/m3 after 28 days,’ says the company.

‘It’s M1 and FloorScore-certified and 100% Reach compliant. It’s manufactured with 53% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.’

Jurong Health is the public healthcare cluster formed to facilitate the integration of healthcare services and care processes for the community in the west of Singapore. The management group operates the new integrated healthcare hub comprising of a new 700-bed Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and a 400-bed Jurong Community Hospital.

The project’s management team insisted on high quality flooring that would last at least 15 years. The challenge and subsequent supply was awarded to Gerflor.

The new healthcare project at the NG Teng Fong and Jurong Community Hospital would see 12,500sq m of Gerflor’s Taralay Premium flooring specified for their corridors.

Bertrand Chaumet, managing director, Gerflor UK and former head of Gerflor Asia, said: ‘Gerflor’s very large colour palette allows for a real ‘earth to sky’ design, a requirement which was made by Jurong Health to CPG Consultants.’
Bertrand Chaumet added: ‘With a proven track record in this healthcare segment we’d previously supplied 65,000sq m of our multi-layered Taralay Premium flooring to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore.

‘Our Taralay Premium Metallica product had been installed at Khoo Teck Puat where AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) run all day long without trace of wear-and-tear on our flooring and it’s still performing well after more than five years of intense usage.’
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