Flooring in healthcare - Uzin

BY adopting a Uzin system over 2,000sq m of flooring was renovated without having to close the Starlight Children’s Ward in Wythenshawe Hospital.

The challenge

Wythenshawe Hospital provides hospital services and community services across South Manchester and beyond. The Starlight Children’s Unit at the hospital provides care for children aged 0-16 needing a hospital stay for medical treatment or surgery.

However, the floor at the Starlight Children’s Ward needed refurbishment. Wythenshawe Hospital therefore needed to renovate the floor across the entire unit but didn’t want to close the ward so important care could be maintained during the overhaul.

It was important the renovation was quick, clean and caused as little disturbance as possible so as not to interrupt the treatment provided by the hospital. Wythenshawe Hospital is also dedicated to sustainability so required a low emission flooring installation.

The Starlight Children’s Unit occupies over 2,000sq m and the paediatric inpatient ward has capacity for 24 children with a mixture of beds and single cubicles, mostly with en-suite facilities. Other facilities include a high dependency unit for up to two patients, a school room, an adolescent room, a sensory room and parents’ room. All the floors in these areas had to be renovated.

The solution/implementation
With such diverse requirements, the flooring contractor Momentum Flooring worked with the hospital and Uzin to help find a solution. ‘With Uzin’s unique product systems, the new safety covering could be installed without having to remove the old floor,’ says the company.

Momentum Flooring also worked in stages so areas within the ward could be kept running, while keeping disturbances to a minimum.

It also reportedly avoided excessive dirt, dust and noise during the renovation. The Uzin products used have also awarded an EC 1 plus certification for being totally solvent-free and meet the requirements for occupational health and safety.

With Sigan 1 adhesive tape the new vinyl safety flooring was applied directly onto the existing substrate after it was skimmed with Uzin NC 888 S feather coat and primed with Planus. Remur adhesive tape was also used to install the vinyl skirting throughout the ward.

‘The new floor was ready for foot traffic immediately which allowed the wards to be used while the refurbishment took place,’ says the company. ‘The old floor can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving residue or adhesive behind.’ 

The result

The Starlight Children’s Unit is child-friendly centre designed to help young patients feel welcome. By utilising a Uzin system the floor was refurbished whilst vital patient care could be sustained. The new floor was also exceptionally well finished with intricate designs and patterns inserted into the floor. This has helped enhance the ward, creating a warm and welcome environment for children and their parents.

‘Uzin has the expertise and systems to help find a solution to any problem,’ says Chris Keher, director of Momentum Flooring Services. ‘The Sigan system allowed us to install the floor without closing down the ward.’

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