Flooring in nursing homes - Gerflor

PERSONALISATION in the nursing home industry is about having choice and control and person-centred care is something that, in theory, any service can achieve. It’s about being sensitive to individual needs and desires and delivering an environment that matches the aspirations of the carers and the patients. There’s no doubt the flooring element of the overall mix plays a huge part in delivering the quality of life patients and staff desire.

‘As a true healthcare, multi-specialist and with more than 70 years’ healthcare experience, Gerflor has grown and developed to become an expert in the care-home field by creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, decorative, durable, hygienic and environmentally-responsible flooring for a host of healthcare-related solutions,’ the company says.

‘Providing the UK nursing home sector with a range of products that deliver comfort, safety and durability is perceived to be pivotal by Gerflor in addressing this developing market and needs of the residents and staff alike. Delivering a host of contemporary, classical, stylish flooring solutions is seen as vital by Gerflor for supplying this growing sector.’

Suitable for a vast assortment of nursing home applications, and with 10 new extra wood designs Taralay Impression Comfort from Gerflor is an acoustic multi-layered vinyl floorcovering available in 2m wide sheet and comes with a group T wear rating.

Taralay Impression Comfort reportedly comprises a Very High Density (VHD) foam backing reinforced with glass fibre and a printed design that’s protected by a transparent wearlayer (0.65mm thick) which offers 19dB sound insulation and an indentation resistance of 0.08mm.

The product is protected by a UV-cured surface treatment Protecsol which is said to be easy to clean and maintain, and apparently permanently eliminates the need of an acrylic emulsion (metallisation).

It reportedly doesn’t contain heavy metals or CMR 1&2 and is 100% compliant with REACH, says Gerflor. The product emission rate of volatile organic compounds is < 70 µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days – ISO 16000 -6). It’s also 100% recyclable.

For designers, the range offers 160 references and includes 21 wood effect references, covering the spectrum of wood colours, in 10 designs. Taralay Impression is now also available as Taralay Impression Initial which is a suitable ‘entry level’ flooring solution that can address a mixture of applications.

The Orchard Grove Care Home is a 120-bed care centre for the elderly, located in Prospecthill Circus in the Toryglen area of Glasgow and needed flooring solutions that could meet their exacting standards of safety and provide easy cleaning and maintenance.

A crucial element of the final flooring choice for the end-user would have to respect that many of the residents have dementia and the flooring would need to empathise with this. The facility required about 2000sq m of flooring that could deliver a solution for their halls, en-suites, inhouse hairdressers, staff changing facilities, cleaner’s cupboards and kitchen areas.

‘Providing a long-lasting result would be paramount for Gerflor in supplying the correct balance of flooring products which included their Taralay Impression Comfort. Nearly four years on and in ‘situ’, the overall specification has been delivering fantastic results all round.

A crucial element of the Orchard Grove Care Home specification would also need to ensure the light reflection value (LRV) would not exceed 15 on the LRV scale. Happily, the Gerflor products specified ‘easily met the required criterion’.
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