Floorwise - underlay 2

FLOORWISE says it delivers high-performance underlays for demanding commercial environments, ensuring performance and longevity for floorcoverings.

‘In Lift and Tread, floorwise recycled PU foam underlays provide a low-weight solution in commercial environments, providing excellent longevity and recovery,’ says the company. ‘With SHD+ density, floorwise Tread delivers in even the busiest of locations, ensuring wear absorption and helping improve acoustics.’

The company adds: ‘Endura and Optima deliver performance for double-stick applications in commercial environments, featuring high rubber content for the very best durability and recovery. Made in the UK, these rubber crumb underlays are suitable for heavy contract use.’

For Axminster and Wilton carpets, floorwise wool felt underlays provide a traditional alternative, says the company.

‘Rated suitable for contract use, Symphony, Duet and Duet Supreme deliver lasting comfort and wear absorption. floorwise also offers specialist acoustic solutions for wood and laminate and underlay designed to work with underfloor heating in floorwise Thermaflow.’

The company concludes: ‘With trade counters throughout the UK and Ireland, floorwise underlays are readily available across the country.’
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