Flowcrete - Industrial Strength (1)

THE automotive industry represents a challenging environment for the floor, as the finish will be subjected to a long list of demands, such as the weight of the vehicles, corrosive substances and the stresses of large-scale manufacturing.

Additionally, the floor needs to create a safe and effective working space while often having to reflect brand visuals. For these reasons, many car manufacturers utilise robust resin systems in order to create surfaces with the necessary functionality, safety and aesthetic properties.

This was illustrated when the Ford Motor Company undertook a renovation project at its vast Romeo Engine Plant. Two different resin systems were used to provide finishes tailored to the conditions in specific areas.

A durable and chemical resistant epoxy floor coating system from Flowcrete that exhibits a consistent orange-peel finish was applied across about 15,000sq m of the main production zone. For the areas that would face the most intense demands, 3,700sq m of the epoxy floor mortar Flowtex was applied owing to its enhanced abrasion, wear, scratch and chemical resistance.  

To identify the best solution for a particular part of a car factory, it’s important to take into account the conditions it will be subjected to and discuss them with the car manufacturer and flooring supplier.
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