Forbo and Longmoor Community Primary School

FORBO Flooring Systems’ Flotex in a host of bright colours has apparently revitalised the classrooms in Longmoor Community Primary School, after two Year One students won the school’s design competition to create a new look for their classroom floor.

Following the competition, Flotex flocked flooring was specified, reportedly owing to its extensive colour palette and hygienic benefits.

The school wanted to challenge the children take responsibility for their own learning, help them develop independence and encourage creativity.

As such, when they decided to give the learning areas of the school a fresh new look, it made sense to give the children responsibility for designing the flooring.

Mrs EA Grundy, headteacher at the school said: ‘The children all had the freedom to create their own designs and looking at the process they went through and the choices they made was fascinating.

‘It gave us a real insight into how their minds worked - some chose just two or three colours - others chose from across the whole range; we had designs with completely random arrangements of tiles, some which created ‘pictures’ from the tiles, others with a very methodical, mathematical approach using repeated patterns.’

Six-year-old Emma was the winner of the competition thanks to her colourful patchwork design, with six-year-old year-old Alfie coming a close second. Emma’s design was brought to life using six colours from the Flotex Metro tile range installed in a random patchwork pattern, including Tangerine, Emerald, Gold, Lagoon, Lilac, and Cherry colourways.

Mrs Grundy said: ‘Emma’s design was a clear winner because through a clever selection of colours and careful combination of random and repeating sections it created a look which was colourful, eye-catching and somehow randomly harmonious.

‘I looked at several carpet tile ranges but couldn’t find the choice of vibrant colours I wanted. Then I saw Forbo’s Flotex range and knew it would be perfect. It’s also practical for a busy school setting, thanks to its hard-wearing properties, easy maintenance and hygienic benefits. It also has the warmth and comfort of a carpet.’

Flotex is approved by Allergy UK as it’s reportedly proven to have a positive impact on the lives of allergy sufferers, owing to its ability to trap allergens, then safely release them to standard cleaning appliances.
Moreover, Flotex can, it’s said, be cleaned using standard cleaning equipment – making the maintenance of the floorcovering quick and easy.

Mrs Grundy said: ‘We wanted a fresh new look in Year One to launch our new independent learning approach and the flooring design has been an important part of that. Pupils and teachers have got a real buzz from the changes and love the bright colours.

‘The first day we were in school after the summer break, the children stopped and gasped when they walked into the base. They feel a real sense of pride that they have had an input into the designs we have used. The difference really is breath-taking!’

Jim Forshaw, director at JA Flooring, said: ‘I’ve worked with Forbo’s products for over 15 years; the product offering is vast which makes them a one-stop-shop on projects. This particular project showcases the range of colours available in Flotex, which was easy to install and a pleasure to work with.’