FORBO Flooring Systems says it will be ‘flocking mad’ at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) as it highlights the benefits of its hybrid flocked floor covering, Flotex. Plus, there will be an opportunity for visitors to the showroom to see the flocking process for themselves.

Following the installation of a new state of the art digital printer, the ink penetration of Forbo’s Flotex range is said to have greatly increased, reportedly resulting in an enhanced vibrancy and depth to the colour palette and designs available. As such, during CDW it will be showcasing the various ranges within its Flotex portfolio, each of which are said to present an opportunity to create flooring schemes for many sectors – while contributing to the health and well-being of end users

The showroom, located on St John Street, will have had a Flotex makeover featuring a large zebra print art installation framing the window, which will reportedly spill onto the pavement making a flocked statement on the streets of London.

Designed by Mari Stassen, founder of Blank Canvas, the EC1 showroom will be transformed into a Flotex art gallery experience and will feature its very own flocking station, where visitors can choose from a variety of items that will undergo flocking before their very eyes. The resultant keepsake will then be forever theirs, a reminder of their flocking lovely time at this year’s festival.

‘An event not to be missed’, Forbo claims, ‘anything and everything that visitors ever wanted to know about Flotex flocked floor covering will be featured.’