Gerflor and Myerscough College

FLOORING is a critical component of workplace safety these days. It’s an environment where liquid contaminates on floors or subtle changes in elevation may contribute to slips, trips, or falls and in some cases, even injuries.

Very few manufacturers have given much credence to the actual look and creativity of the safety flooring they produce. However, with Gerflor ‘safety’ doesn’t have to mean boring, the company says.

With more than 70 years’ experience Gerflor says it's honed its expertise in safety flooring to produce the highest standards of safety and durability, coupled to delivering what it describes as stunning, beautiful designs that are 'inspirational and eye-catching'.

Gerflor won the 2016 CFJ/CFA product of the year category with its Taralay Impression Control safety flooring range 'which isn't an easy undertaking by any means'.

The Taralay Impression Control flooring collection is described by Gerflor as the perfect option for various new-builds and refurbishments where high volumes of footfall are expected.

A multipurpose floorcovering available in 2m sheet format with a Group T wear rating, it’s suitable for a host of heavy traffic environments where slip resistance is a must. Available as a dual collection: ‘Safety in Wood’ and ‘Safety in Design’, the range includes realistic woods in contemporary colours and modern all over designs.

Taralay Impression Control also, according to Gerflor, has a Pendulum Test value +36, meets HSE guidelines (BS 7976-2), a surface roughness of >20 RTM-RZ and R11 ramp test value (DIN 51130), together with providing 24 design-led colourways and is suitable for a host of other contract applications.

Taralay Impression Control also apparently offers a hygienic solution owing to what it describes as a revolutionary UV-cured PUR surface treatment for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the Protecsol Control surface treatment it’s claimed to be easy to clean, is 100% recyclable, offering a 'state-of-the-art flooring solution for a myriad of applications'.

 Changing rooms and showering areas in many workplace, educational or residential locations can often be wet and slippery environments and that’s where Tarasafe Ultra H20 from Gerflor is suitable. Intended for traditional barefoot spaces where there are continuous wet areas, Tarasafe Ultra H20 also offers a shod solution, providing a blend of flooring applications for those areas where wet flooring conditions can be an issue.

Within Gerflor’s other Tarasafe vinyl safety flooring range there are more than 80 finishes available to choose from. They're reinforced with a glass-fibre grid and are suitable for use in all areas of heavy traffic where slip-resistance, durability and hygienic conditions are required.

Using mineral crystal particles, rather than the industry standard carborundum, Tarasafe, with its 'improved performance', is easier to install, lighter and more flexible to handle. The range has a maximum hygiene rating meeting the EN Standard 22196 for anti-bacterial activity (E coli - S aureus - MRSA) (3) returning >99% levels of growth inhibition and comes with a 12-year warranty and is also 100% recyclable.

Tarasafe is stain and chemical resistant. The Tarasafe Standard range comes with the unique UV-cured PUR surface treatment and their Tarasafe Ultra range (excluding their Tarasafe Ultra H20 offer) also sees a benefit from the SparClean surface treatment, therefore no polish for life.

Tarasafe is claimed to be a hugely popular choice for several education environments where slip resistance needs to be maintained.

When the Myerscough College of Higher and Further Education college near Preston wanted new safety flooring they turned to Gerflor to supply what they describe as the quality, design and durability they were seeking.

It would be a task suited to Gerflor’s Taralay Impression Control and Tarasafe safety flooring ranges. The ultimate responsibility for the actual installation would fall to Chorley-based CRT Flooring Specialists in Lancashire.

Managing director Chris Turner said: 'The project at Myerscough College in Preston went really well. We specified Gerflor’s Taralay Impression Control for corridors which, as we predicted, would experience heavy volumes of student traffic, so this was a perfect choice as it’s a Group T rated product which means it will wear very well.'

Chris added: 'The Taralay Impression Control Compact product installed in a wood design effect looked stunning. It’s a top-performing product that’s got a fantastic pedigree which is why we chose it. Its R11 slip resistance qualities are right at the top of the performance category, which is crucial for any area with the risk of slips or falls. It’s a great looking product, as the wood effect looks extremely realistic and it’s also very easy to clean.'

Chris concluded: 'We also specified their Tarasafe Ultra H20 safety flooring range because it does exactly what Gerflor says it does. Great slip resistance in the wet, with or without shoes. Again, it looked brilliant when it was laid down.'
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