Gerflor and Wonderland Studio

DECIDING on a type of flooring for a space that will be used by multiple children on a regular basis presents several challenges. Designers and specifiers need to find a material that can withstand the rough play and stains that kids can often leave in their wake.

The flooring should be easy to clean so it can be cleaned properly to maintain the health of the environment. The clever money would go on a floor that is comfortable, preferably soft to help prevent injuries and in some cases, has bright colours to help stimulate creativity and can also inspire activity.

We’ve seen huge developments in vinyl flooring in recent years with the onslaught of new technologies and manufacturing processes with many flooring products gaining and winning global design awards.
The International Design Awards (IDA) fundamentally exists to recognise, rejoice and promote legendary design visionaries.

Gerflor says it’s for more than 70 years produced a range of products aimed at delivering high quality, design-led flooring that meets this criterion. ‘Therefore, it’s no surprise that Gerflor’s Taralay Impression vinyl floorcovering collection scooped a bronze award in the prestigious IDA product category last year,’ the company says.

It adds: ‘Gerflor specialises in education by offering solutions combining technical and design characteristics for any room within the facility. The design of our products support study and play in the best environment possible, offering a diverse collection of colourways and designs to stimulate young minds, together with being comfortable, hardwearing and easy to maintain.’

The Taralay Impression range is a multi-purpose vinyl floorcovering available in 2m sheet format with a Group T wear rating, says Gerflor. ‘It’s ideal for a host of heavy traffic environments where at least R10 slip resistance is a requirement. The current collection displays a wide palette of 21 designs and 83 colours.

‘It’s an amazing array of choices conducive to creating tailor-made spaces; from classical to contemporary and bright, or welcoming and warm. This collection is a cornucopia of beautiful designs welded to incredible levels of performance, easier long-lasting maintenance AND now with a new patented surface treatment.

‘The latest enhanced matt and embossed designs across the ranges now deliver incredibly realistic effects that are producing some simply stunning results. The Taralay Impression flooring range is equipped with the brand new Protecsol 2, patented surface treatment from Gerflor obtained by UV laser cross-linking.

‘This treatment avoids applying any acrylic emulsion throughout the lifetime of the product saving on cleaning time and money as it reduces water and detergent consumption.’

As part of the collection there is also the Taralay Uni Comfort range which is an acoustic multi-layered vinyl floorcovering which has a Very High Density (VHD) foam backing reinforced with glass fibre and a calendered wearlayer (0.65 mm thick), says Gerflor.

‘It offers 17 dB sound insulation and an indentation resistance of 0.11mm. It has a plain coloured pattern, making it ideal for cut design work and is also protected by Protecsol.  Perfect for normal to high traffic areas including hospitals, schools, retail outlets and public areas. Taralay Impression is REACH compliant. Its VOC emissions after 28 days (ISO 16000-6) are below detection levels (<10 μg/m3) and this product is classified A+ (the best class).’

In the Romanian capital, Bucharest, says Gerflor ‘there’s a magical place unlike any other on earth where young and old, but especially the young, step into a world that’s fun and unlike nothing else you’ve seen.

‘Wonderland Studio is a children’s nursery where children go to experience different memories that delivers early years education coupled to humour, play and discovery. When this unique facility wanted to express their creativity with the flooring they turned to us to supply our vibrant Taralay Impression Comfort and Taralay Uni Comfort products.’
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