Gerflor Clean Corner System

FLOORING in healthcare environments is one of the most vital surfaces to keep clean and hygienic.

Resilient vinyl floorings with the looks, durability, performance and safety that can deliver cleanability and resistance to bacteria are essential weapons in the continuous battle to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections.

As a result, specifying an appropriate flooring that resists and protects the spread of bacteria is only part of the solution. How flooring is installed is as equally important. For example, imperfect corners can be a perfect place for bugs to hide and thrive.

A building must be covered by flooring in the most hygienic manner possible. By incorporating seamless corner solutions with superior infection resistance into the flooring specification, an integrated approach to protection control and hygiene is made possible.

To provide this solution, Gerflor has developed what it describes as an innovative, robust internal and external corner profile system that apparently eradicates blind spots, sharp angles and common imperfections where stagnant dirt and dust can collect.

In partnership with cleaning professionals Gerflor has developed the Clean Corner System which it says is a patent pending, innovative corner solution.

Years of research and development by Gerflor have reportedly led to this system, which is claimed to be effective only with Gerflor floors.

Controlling contamination in technical facilities and clean rooms can be a daunting task. Corner areas are where most of the imperfections are found as their shape makes cleaning and decontamination difficult.

If poorly welded, they can tear or sag under the weight of traffic and weakened by use, they can also often lose their water-tightness and overall integrity.

With Gerflor’s Clean Corner System’s cleverly curved, hollow-shaped internal corners it’s claimed to do away with the angles that are so notoriously difficult to clean and disinfect, while its rounded outside corner profiles are said to reduce the knocks by apparatus, trolleys and wheelchairs to traditional edges, which can cause unsightly damage and create a haven for bacteria.

The Clean Corner System can apparently deliver benefits that can make a real difference in a range of healthcare environments.

The system provides cleaner, more robust facilities, regardless of the configuration and usage constraints – claimed to be a huge benefit when there’s absolutely no room for manoeuvre in the levels of cleanliness required.

Suitable for Gerflor PVC floors, the Clean Corner System technology is said to meet the requirements of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and across the wider health sector meeting the constraints of risk zones 4.

Some traditional corner systems have the potential to gather and harbor stagnant dust, which makes cleaning and decontamination extremely difficult.

However, with Gerflor’s’ Clean Corner System, its rounded corners are said to be easier to reach, which makes cleaning and decontamination simpler and more effective.

Unlike standard corners, the Clean Corner System has no risk of tearing or delamination of the floorcovering in the corners. It’s been developed to make coving more straightforward in the corners and to also limit the amount of welding needed, which ensures the Clean Corner System delivers what’s claimed to be ‘perfect water-tightness’ each time.

The Clean Corner System from Gerflor is claimed to offer huge benefits in being able to produce a better, safer, more hygienic finish. The system also provides a crucial aid to infection control when sitting alongside Gerflor’s high-performing, sustainable flooring ranges.
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