Gerflor - Industrial Strength

GERFLOR says it’s produced a collection of technically supreme high-end products for the industrial and scientific sectors.

‘It’s an industrial shopping basket aimed at delivering high quality, durable flooring products that perform to the highest standards and looks stunning too,’ says Gerflor.

The company continues: ‘Gerflor’s GTI Max range is ideally suited to various industrial applications with high resistance for extreme traffic. It also offers easy installation and maintenance for less disruption to the daily operation of the business.

‘It provides one the best PVC heavy traffic flooring solutions in the marketplace and offers a truly fit-for-purpose product said to deliver an easy, long-lasting renovation resolution for specifiers and contractors alike.’

Adds Gerflor: ‘The GTI Max wearlayer is reinforced by specific oblong fillers that offer outstanding resistance to traffic and is reinforced with two glass fibre grids on either side of an intermediate pressed homogeneous layer.

‘GTI’s backing is a 4mm thick black pressed homogeneous sheet and its surface is a coloured homogeneous sheet 2 mm thick. GTI Max is 100% recyclable and is also made with up to 80% recycled content.

‘The GTI Max range provides a speedy renovation solution and can be installed over existing floorcoverings with minimal subfloor preparation, no adhesives and most importantly no production stoppage with no loss of revenue.

‘It comes with the polyurethane surface treatment PUR+ for ease of maintenance and specifiers and designers can also benefit from mixing and matching colours to create corners and walkways using its modular tile format in 23 stunning colour choices.’

Gerflor points out that GTI Max is also 100% REACH compliant, Floorscore certified, free of formaldehyde, free of heavy metals and solvents and manufactured in an ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified site.
‘GTI Max delivers TVOC emissions 10 times better than norm requirements (TVOC < 100 μg/cu m after 28 days),’ it says.

Mipolam Elegance EL5 from Gerflor is a conductive flexible homogeneous vinyl floorcovering with carbon encapsulated granules and a conductive backing, ‘ensuring optimal consistent conductive properties and permanent antistatic properties, perfect for an increasing number of areas where static discharge can be a problem’.

Treated with Evercare it avoids staining of chemical products used in industrial facilities and requires no wax for life, says Gerflor. ‘By combining the Mipolam range with its patented revolutionary Evercare surface treatment, Gerflor has delivered a product that offers unparalleled stain resistance chemicals (including iodine), outstanding slip resistance in its field, astonishingly low maintenance and unique environmental credentials.

‘Gerflor’s Evercare surface treatment has bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties which ensure increased levels of hygiene. It’s also 100% recyclable.

‘The slip resistance performance with use of Evercare across the range has established that the flooring performed to more than ≥36 (wet) on the pendulum test, giving low potential for slips. Evercare can provide up to 30% savings on maintenance costs by using less water and detergent. With Mipolam there’s also no need for stripping and sealing with no necessity for using stripping chemicals and it doesn’t yellow.’

Gerflor says it’s been supplying products into the life sciences sector for more than 75 years, ‘together with delivering new, innovative solutions to meet the stringent demands of the market and its environments which encompasses; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, together with research labs and the biotechnologies subsectors’.

Gerflor’s GMP compatible cleanroom flooring solution Mipolam Biocontrol is highly chemically and stain resistant, says the company. ‘It contains anti-static properties providing great resistance to most bio-decontamination procedures. Treated with a high-performance coating, it’s extremely resistant to chemicals, highly resistant to scratching and can withstand very heavy loads.

‘Mipolam Biocontrol Performance is tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and complies with GMP Class A for microbiological cleanliness and provides an excellent resistance to bio-decontamination procedures.’

Gerflor says Connect 2 Cleanrooms is an award-winning industry leader, creating modular cleanroom solutions for critical environments, in the UK and internationally. ‘The company designs and manufactures panel, hard and soft wall cleanrooms in-house and delivers quality cleanroom solutions to meet the ISO 14644-1 standard required,’ it says.

Darren Brackwell, operations manager, Connect 2 Cleanrooms said: ‘Gerflor provides fantastic solutions for Connect 2 Cleanrooms as they’re designed to minimise particle retention which is absolutely essential for all cleanrooms.’
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