Gerflor & OSE Lions Basketball

1891, the first basketball game was played at Springfield College in the US. It was the brainchild of Doctor James Naismith, who was handed the task of making up an indoor game that snow-bound children could play.

In short, he wanted to wear out some rowdy kids during the harsh New England winters. Naismith fixed two peach baskets to a wall, documented the 13 original rules, and a global sport was born. Today, Springfield College is still credited with having the world's first basketball court.

Providing a sports flooring product that’s all things to all people isn’t exactly easy. Being able to deliver a range of sports surfaces in solid wood that delivers on quality, performance, safety and comfort is an onerous task. However, it’s a challenge Gerflor says it’s met well.

In 2015, Gerflor announced its acquisition of Connor Sports and its Sport Court brand in a move that subsequently expanded Gerflor’s global market reach, reportedly enabling it to provide an increased portfolio of products.

Connor Sports, reportedly the US market leader in sports surfacing, has built systems for associations including the NBA, NCAA, FIBA, USTA, FIVB, US Youth Futsal, USA Volleyball and Premier Euro League Teams.

The group specialises in wood, synthetic, rubber and modular sports surfaces and claims to have the appropriate solution for every type of athletic, park, school, arena or multi-use facility. The company says it’s the only sports surfacing firm in North America whose manufacturing facilities are independently audited and verified as ‘zero waste’ and fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

It’s also the only sports flooring company in the US to have environmental product declarations on all its products. It says its athletic surfacing experts have developed more DIN-certified systems than any other sports surfacing manufacturer, delivering ‘a complete line-up of products which are perfect for gymnasiums and athletic facilities of all types in the education, leisure, fitness sectors, as well as military facilities, sporting arenas and dance floor studios’.

Connor Sports products are said to be sealed and varnished onsite which produces advantages in evenness and longevity.

Gerflor has introduced four systems from the Connor Sports family providing ‘a host of high quality sports flooring solutions for a myriad of markets’.

Available now are NeoShok, which is a floating subfloor system recommended for multipurpose activities; Rezill Sleeper which is also a floating system and suitable for multisport activities; and Alliance which is an anchored system and ‘perfect for high intensive sports pursuits’.

All stock levels are held in France.

The fourth product is the QuickLock portable system which is also retained in France and is suitable for temporary use in a multitude of sporting events. In fact, the QuickLock system can be used to install a basketball court in three hours says Gerflor.

When the 2016 Rio Olympic Committee sought to buy eight courts for basketball and their wheel chair basketball arenas they specified a total of 75,000sq m of flooring that would need to undergo the rigours of top-flight performance.

They selected Connor Sports floors.

In the north-western district of Hungary lies the small town of Oroszlany which has a population of about 20K residents.

Size and height can count in some sports; however, size isn’t everything as this small Hungarian town boasts a hugely successful basketball team: OSE Lions Basketball.

In producing a successful raft of teams (all at various ages and levels) the club would need the very best surfaces to practice and play on.

In 2016 the club’s management decided to ‘grab the ball’ and instigate a total refurbishment of its facility. It opted for 800sq m of Connor Sports NeoShok hardwood sports floor, plus 100sq m of Gerflor’s Taralay Element Compact.

The installation would also need some form of protection from non-sporting use to shield it from marking by tables, chairs and heels on the playing surface.

As part of this ‘protection’ system OSE Lions Basketball would also specify Gerflor’s Taraflex Bateco system which is made from black calendered and grained plasticised vinyl and is designed for sports facilities.
It’s suitable for gymnasium and reception hall versatility where floor protection is key.
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