Gerflor’s Saga²

WORKSPACES should be flexible enough to create a variety of spaces and destinations for workers and visitors to inhabit and promote movement throughout the day whilst also providing great looks. 'It can sometimes be a tall order, but a task well-met by international flooring specialist Gerflor', the company says.

For 2018 the Saga² collection from Gerflor is a fast-track loose-lay LVT that provides the durability of a compact tile with the comfort of an acoustic tile. With a range of designs available it is said to be suitable for heavy traffic areas including offices, boutiques, public areas as well as other administrative areas. The on-trend designs and product development of looselay vinyl tiles and LVTs are claimed to be fast growing competition for traditional carpet tiles. Gerflor says Saga² is a solution as it minimises dust allergies and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Saga² reportedly delivers a host of benefits that tell a strong story in terms of specification decisions. Saga² is said to be easy and quick to install, and remove as it’s a loose lay tile with tackifier. It’s reportedly adapted for raised panels and is extremely durable delivering a 4.6mm thickness with reinforced calandered innerlayer. Saga² comes as a 500.5mm x 500.5mm tile size which also reportedly provides ease of fitting. The cork underlayer is said to bring sound impact insulation (15dB) and massive levels of comfort which reportedly helps to enhance the feel good factor, providing increased levels of both luxury and wellbeing. Gerflor says the other added benefit is Saga² is also an excellent thermal insulator providing a much cosier feel to the under-foot experience.

In environments where strong resistance to traffic is needed Saga² reportedly provides =0.70mm wear layer and comes with the Protecsol surface treatment which is said to mean no polish or wax for the entire lifetime of the product, providing easy cleaning and maintenance. Saga² also reportedly meets the European slip resistance standard (DIN 51130) and is rated R10 together with holding a Group T wear rating. The Saga² collection also gets a makeover in the design and aesthetics department where the company says 'form is as equal to function'. The new textile, concrete, graphic, and wood groups are composed of 11 Gerflor exclusive designs. Gerflor predicted that decorative patterns and designs based on geometric shapes would be the on-trend message for 2018, which they applied to the Saga² Graphic group. Gerflor claims tweed cloth has always been associated with classic hardwearing and stylish bespoke haute couture. It’s this very design maxim that Gerflor have taken inspiration from for its Saga² textile suite of options where Gentleman Taupe, Gentleman Grey, Gentleman Beige and Gentleman Blue take centre stage. The Saga² graphic group is said to take a bold step in producing designs hewed from the influences of chunky, architecturally prominent industrial buildings. Fiber Copper, Fiber Silver and Fiber Heavy Metal have a reportedly strong metal effect which mirrors these strong elemental industrial statements.

The Concrete range offers what Gerflor describes as realistic minerals, with the Woods references taking their stimulus from Mother Nature in producing a natural non-contaminated wood effect.

D.A.S. is the only specialised insurance company of its type in the Czech Republic and has been operating on the Czech insurance market since 1995 offering legal protection insurance. When it refurbi

shed its offices in the capital city of Prague it turned to Gerflor to produce a flooring solution that would be 'funky, elegant and practical'. D.A.S. opted for 500sq m of Gerflor’s Saga² collection which was claimed by the company to create a 'fabulous, vibrant environment that would provide the staff and visitors with a stimulating, yet comfortable flooring surface that would enhance the overall work place experience.'