Gerflor safety flooring

GERFLOR says it provides ideal products for every aspect of flooring in housing projects and is a convenient single source supplier for residential and commercial products, which include the most comprehensive collection of flooring products that meet HSE guidelines.

‘These advanced, vinyl floorings have unique specifications, embrace decorative trends, appeal to tenants and come in a fantastic choice of designs with extra thermal, comfort, acoustic and performance benefits,’ the company says, adding that it is ‘there to assist housing professionals with every stage of their project’.

With wet areas, bathrooms and access rooms the need to fit flooring that can handle barefoot and shod applications is vital, Gerflor says.

‘Tarasafe Ultra H20 from Gerflor is the ideal solution. Intended for traditional barefoot spaces where there are continuous wet areas, Tarasafe Ultra H2O also offers a shod solution, providing a perfect blend of flooring applications for those areas where continuous wet flooring conditions can be an issue.

‘Agrippa from Gerflor is a domestic safety flooring range which is a beautiful and practical slip resistant vinyl flooring with an outstanding sound rating of 19dB and HSE 36+ slip resistance It also comes with the Pureclean surface that doesn’t trap dirt, needing less water and detergent to clean. It’s suitable for the whole of the house and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.’

As well as traditionally adhered vinyl flooring like Agrippa, Gerflor says it also produces the Griptex range which benefits from Gerflor Fibre Technology (GFT) which has been designed to be loose-laid, making it suitable for social housing refurbishments.

Its patented textile backing system, together with a compact interlayer allow up to 35sq m to be loose-laid with minimal subfloor preparation over most existing smooth surfaces. Both Agrippa and Griptex are reportedly hardwearing, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy-to-clean floorings for the home.

In 2016 Gerflor won the CFJ/CFA product of the year category with its Taralay Impression Control range.

‘This safety flooring collection is perfect for refurbishments and newbuilds and an ideal solution for most communal areas which often endure heavy levels of footfall,’ says the company.

‘It’s a multipurpose floorcovering available in 2m sheet format with a Group T wear rating, it’s ideal for a host of heavy traffic environments where slip resistance is a must. Available as a dual collection: - ‘Safety in Wood’ and ‘Safety in Design’, the range includes realistic woods in contemporary colours and an array of simply stunning, modern designs.’

Taralay Impression Control also has a Pendulum Test value +36, meets HSE guidelines (BS 7976-2), a surface roughness of >20 RTM-RZ and R11 ramp test value (DIN 51130), together with providing 24 design-led colourways and is suitable for healthcare, education, retail, public spaces, offices and other commercial interiors, says Gerflor.

‘Taralay Impression Control also offers a hygienic solution thanks to a revolutionary UV cured PUR surface treatment for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the Protecsol Control surface treatment it’s easy to clean, is 100% recyclable, offering a state-of-the-art flooring solution for a myriad of applications.’

As with most social housing projects the quality of the living area of any refurbishment or newbuild is crucial in delivering an environment the tenant enjoys and benefits from. ‘Whether it’s the bedroom, the living room or dining room, it’s an area where Gerflor can make a real difference with several products,’ the company says.

Gerflor’s Texline flooring is a Gerflor fibre technology (GFT) loose-lay, luxury, domestic sheet vinyl with leading technology which brings fresh solutions to house building projects where looks, performance and fast-track fitting are priorities, it adds.

‘At 3mm thick, it’s luxuriously cushioned, thermally efficient and sound insulated to 16db. Texline is R10 slip-resistant and will take considerable wear-and-tear owing to its 0.3mm wearlayer and has a stain-resistant, hygienic, easy-to-clean, pure-clean surface finish.

‘Texline also benefits from Gerflor’s unique construction combination of a compact interlayer and patented GFT textile backing, which enables adhesive-free fitting directly over concrete with minimal subfloor preparation,’ the company says.

‘Texline is also 100% recyclable and contains 97% recycled fibres in its GFT backing system and has a 15-year product warranty.
‘With more than 70 years’ experience international flooring specialist Gerflor offers designers a superb range of stunningly beautiful luxury vinyl tile (LVT) solutions. The Creation range won the 2017 CFJ/CFA product of the year.’

Gerflor continues, ‘Creation 30 LVT from Gerflor provides an impressive palette of 56 designs and showcases three leading decorative trends: traditional and creative wood, mineral and textile effects.

‘Creation 30 has outstanding technical features and is available in three different installation method ranges: Creation 30 Adhered, Creation 30 Lock and Creation 30 X’Press. Creation 30 tiles and planks have a durable 0.30mm wearlayer and a polyurethane PUR+ protective surface for lower maintenance, easy cleaning and lasting good looks.

‘Slip-resistant, they’re available in 11 alternative grained finishes, 18 different tile and plank sizes and 31 matching, decorative skirtings with 23 wood and eight mineral designs. Creation 30 is also 100% recyclable.’

The installation of more than 300,000 sqm of Gerflor flooring without a single tenant complaint or referral was reported by Wakefield and District Housing (WDH), as its Strategic Improvement Programme to modernise 31,000 homes to the ‘Wakefield Standard’ finally completed its course.

Before the improvements, WDH used conventional, utilitarian type flooring in its kitchens and bathrooms. However, 3mm thick, ‘cushioned for comfort and straightforward-to-install Griptex provided an attractive option for tenants and specifiers when products were up for selection’.

Recyclable, Griptex is a GFT textile-backed, ≥36/R10 slip-resistant, residential flooring in designs and colours complementary to kitchen and bathroom schemes.

‘Our tenants have been very satisfied and were instrumental in the choices on offer to them,’ says James Martin, assets manager for WDH.
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