Gerflor - vinyl and LVT

VINYL flooring continues to evolve. Each year, vinyl manufacturers are stepping up, creating more realistic looks and even cooler features. Advancing technology has given manufacturers the ability to develop shockingly realistic tiles and planks replicating natural looks, such as wood, stone and even cement. They can also create unique, decorative looks that might currently be unavailable in any other style of flooring.

2019 sees the trending in LVT on the increase yet again. Original, well thought-out vinyl designs are on a march, becoming one of the most popular and sought-after floors on the market, and this is in large part owing to the newest decorative luxury vinyl designs. Gerflor says it’s an ideal situation for it to unleash new additions to its exquisite Creation 55 and 30 LVT ranges.

Gerflor’s Creation LVT collection delivers what the company claims are stunningly attractive new colours, designs, effects and formats with certain designs offering its looselay flooring solution.

‘The Creation range provides cutting-edge design-led, sustainable solutions for most contract and residential applications,’ says the company. ‘Gerflor’s Creation 55 LVT range is a perfect match for medium traffic areas in commercial environments including offices, hospitality, restaurants, leisure and retail as well as being suitable for domestic use.

‘It has a 0.55 mm wearlayer, provides a PUR+ Matt finish which delivers easy maintenance and for 2019 is now available in 63 designs including 25 brand-new designs in the range including; Ponto Cruz, which is a stunning new addition to Gerflor’s vast range of textile designs.

‘The remainder of this exquisite collection includes Swiss Oak, Paint Wood, Royal Oak and Bostonian Oak, together with North Wood, Quartet, Cedar, Stripe Oak, Chevrons, Reggia, Rust and Durango. The new designs available also include Eramosa, Carrare and finally Bloom which creates a grainy, metropolitan and concrete vintage look, almost like asphalt.’

Gerflor continues: ‘Bloom is a decorative set that enhances the aesthetic value of the raw material with a delicate sandblasted texture on the surface. It’s a unique mix-and match for that minimalist classic look. Creation 55 LVT Dryback now also provides a new short herringbone plank as part of the overall offer.

‘The unique Gerflor Creation 55 Clic system now provides a new XL plank.

Creation 55 LVT now boasts a new backing with anti-slip grip qualities with an inbuilt fibre grid providing better stability.

‘Creation 55 LVT is phthalate free, made of 35% recycled content and as its 100% recyclable provides the truly eco-friendly solution for a host of flooring applications.’

The new Creation 30 LVT Dryback collection incorporates new XL rectangular tiles and XL Planks and provides a PUR+ Matt finish ‘delivering extremely easy maintenance’.

‘The new embossing effects and beveled edges give the collection the most realistic designs Gerflor has ever produced,’ says the company. ‘The new Creation 30 LVT collection from Gerflor is made of 58 designs including 20 new designs including; Swiss Oak, Royal Oak, Bostonian Oak, North Wood through Chevrons, Timber Gold, together with Reggia, Quartet, Cedar and Cementine which has a new look like shaved cement.

‘The Cementine surface looks like the pages of a book, as a series of overlapping and fading notes replicate a traditional cement finish. The Creation 30 Clic system from Gerflor also gets a design and technology upgrade providing a new XL Plank and a PUR+ Matt finish.

‘Again, the enhanced embossing effects, beveled edges and wide decor printed film provide the collection with the most realistic stunning designs. Creation 30 Clic also benefits from new Duo Core technology providing a rigid core back layer reinforced with a fibre veil, combined with a flexible core top layer to provide a soft and comfortable surface.

‘The range has a R10 anti-slip certification, is phthalate-free, made of 35% recycled content and as its 100% recyclable it’s the truly eco-friendly solution for a host of flooring applications.’
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