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BARRIER matting is an integral part of interior design. When specified and installed correctly, it can reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents and can also help to ensure inclusive access for all in line with the building regulations (BS7953, BS8300) and approved document M.

Barrier matting forms the start of the journey through a building and primary barrier matting is usually the first point of contact. It can reportedly be used both internally and externally to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture transferred into a building. This is said to contribute to creating a clean and welcoming environment and is a cost-effective method of reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

External primary matting removes excess dirt prior to entering a building using a scraper wiper and increases the effectiveness of internal primary and secondary matting. Whereas internal primary matting uses a combination of scraper and textile wipers to remove and retain dirt and moisture to prevent ingress to adjacent floorcoverings.

Gradus says it offers a range of primary barrier matting products suitable for use at both internal and external entrance and access points in a range of commercial buildings including education, leisure, healthcare and office environments.

Secondary barrier matting is often used in conjunction with a primary mat to provide additional performance. This, Gradus says, can improve the appearance of internal floorcoverings and help to increase the lifespan of surrounding floorcoverings within the building. For a coordinated look that minimises dirt and debris, Gradus suggests the combination of its Esplanade 6000 / 5000HD with Boulevard 6000 / 5000HD.

In some circumstances, such as in a small building where it is not always possible to install the recommended amount of matting, secondary matting can be used as a stand-alone solution.

As well as at entrances, secondary matting can be used in other circulation areas of a building that experience heavy traffic such as canteens and lift lobbies.

A well-designed entrance flooring system is said to pay dividends in terms of reducing cleaning and maintenance costs, improving health and safety for building users as well as creating a professional and welcoming entrance.

Esplanade 5000HD primary barrier matting was installed in three main entrances and one rear entrance in the black colourway Jackdaw, at the newly refurbished Steel City House in Sheffield.

The matting was reportedly specified to reduce tracked in dirt and moisture and reduce overall maintenance costs. The refurbed facility will experience a large amount of foot traffic, so the products selected are claimed to provide the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.

All Gradus matting is said to be designed and tested to ensure the correct balance between safety, performance and aesthetics and is reportedly suitable for a wide variety of contract applications.
It can additionally be manufactured to specific shapes and sizes to complement building floor plans.
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