Healthcare - F Ball

STOPGAP 300 HD was among what’s described as high-performance F Ball products used to refurbish the flooring in the main entrance of the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital in Scotland, along with Stopgap P131 general purpose primer and Styccobond F44 acrylic adhesive.

Together, these products were used to create a bright, welcoming environment in the 200sq m area, which was previously considered unwelcoming and intimidating with its ‘clinical’, ceramic tiles.

Once the optimum products were selected with the help of the local F Ball technical representative, contractors from General & Technical Flooring cleaned the ceramic tiles and tested the floor for excess moisture.

Digital hygrometer readings reported relative humidity (RH) levels of less than 75%, meaning a damp-proof membrane wasn’t required. The tiles were then assessed to ensure they were sound and secure.

Stopgap P131 primer was applied over the ceramic tiles ahead of the application of the levelling compound. This general-purpose primer can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, promoting the adhesion of Stopgap levelling compounds to all surfaces as well as preventing the unacceptably rapid drying of adhesives and levelling compounds on absorbent surfaces.

‘To cope with the high levels of footfall and heavy equipment when in use, Stopgap 300 HD was the obvious choice of levelling compound for the hospital entrance,’ says the company. ‘Styccobond F44 acrylic adhesive was then used to adhere Forbo vinyl floorcoverings to the floor, a solvent-free acrylic emulsion adhesive that offers high bond strength, strong initial tack and can be used with a wide range of floorcoverings.’

John Morrison, managing director at General & Technical Flooring, said: ‘I always use F Ball products. I wouldn’t consider anything else, simply because the products themselves are consistent and always provide a great finish. The excellent guidance and technical support from my F Ball representative is also invaluable, especially in situations like this where we need high quality results in a short period of time.’

Healthcare environments will often require hardwearing, durable floors that are easy to clean and offer the best in hygiene and safety. Assessing and preparing the subfloor effectively with the most suitable products will ensure the long-term performance of floor treatments and coverings in such facilities.