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BY adopting a Uzin system more than 2,000sq m of flooring was renovated without having to close down the Starlight Children’s Ward in Wythenshawe Hospital. The floor at the Starlight Children’s Ward needed refurbishment. However, Wythenshawe Hospital didn’t want to close down the ward so important care could be maintained during the overhaul.

It was important the renovation was quick, clean and caused as little disturbance as possible so as not to interrupt the treatment provided by the hospital.

The flooring contractor Momentum Flooring worked with the hospital and Uzin to help find a solution. With Uzin’s reportedly unique product systems, the new safety covering could be installed without having to remove the old floor.

Momentum Flooring also worked in stages so areas within the ward could be kept running, while minimising disturbances. It also avoided excessive dirt, dust and noise during the renovation.

By utilising a Uzin system the floor was refurbished while vital patient care could be sustained. The new floor was also said to have been well finished with intricate designs and patterns inserted into the floor.

This has helped enhance the ward, creating a warm and welcome environment for children and their parents, says Uzin.
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