Highfields Primary School and F Ball

F BALL & CO’s Styccobond F74 flooring adhesive has been used by contractors at B&P Flooring in Basford to adhere artificial grass to the walkway outside Highfields Primary School in Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent.

The use of F Ball’s moisture curing adhesive is said to have created a safe and aesthetically pleasing floor finish for the school.

A ramped walkway leading to the nursery building at Highfields Primary School was previously covered with rubber mats, which weren’t permanently adhered to the sand/cement subfloor.

The previous fixture was considered a nuisance by parents, staff and children, who often noticed the mats moving when walking over them, paving the way for trips and falls.

Styccobond F74 flooring adhesive was selected as the school required the artificial grass to be permanently bonded to the sand/cement subfloor to ensure the durability and safety of the flooring.

F Ball’s Styccobond F74 is a polyurethane flooring adhesive, which is formulated for use under artificial grass floorcoverings, making it suitable for use at Highfields Primary School.

F74 is also resistant to water, oil and grease, making it suitable for outdoor installations. This ensured minimal time onsite and enabled the walkway to be brought quickly back into use.

Styccobond F74 is recommended for use in public areas where floor durability and strength is vital.

Use of Styccobond F74 has reportedly proved a popular choice of flooring adhesives in schools subject to high levels of wear-and-tear.

Geoff Waugh, director at B&P Flooring expressed his loyalty to F Ball products: ‘I wouldn’t look anywhere else despite being offered similar products for cheaper, as I find other products do not match the quality of F Ball.

‘Styccobond F74 was the perfect product for use at the school and I can feel safe knowing the new artificial grass floorcovering is permanently adhered to the subfloor, preventing any slips from pupils and visitors.’
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