Hospitality & leisure - Amtico

WHEN Tenpin decided to reconfigure the layout of its leisure complex in Hounslow and embark on a complete refurbishment, it needed practical flooring that could cope with a high level of footfall, and Amtico reportedly proved to be ‘the perfect choice’.

The Amtico Signature collection was used in the approach to the bowling lanes to direct the player to the game, while also making the bowlers’ lanes distinct from one another. The design agency, Dover Design, achieved this by devising their own bespoke laying pattern, utilising Amtico’s precision cutting capabilities to create triangle-shaped LVT tiles.

Amtico Carpet tiles were used throughout the rest of the facility, as they’re hardwearing, easy to replace and allowed the design team to create specific zones. They also helped create the illusion of pathways through the layout, guiding visitors to different zones.

Tenpin had recently undergone a branding refresh to include a brighter secondary colour palette with pinks, purples and oranges. Dover Design was enlisted to create a dynamic environment in keeping with the updated branding.

‘This scheme is all about energy, colour and movement and the Amtico Signature collection was perfect for this. Plus, the Amtico Carpet tiles allowed us to introduce a slight variation within the grey palette in order to indicate route ways around the layout,’ said Laura Fenner from Dover Design.

‘We used lighter greys with the darker carpet tiles to direct customers to the reception.

‘For us, the whole process went seamlessly. We have worked with Amtico products before and will definitely be specifying them again in the future.’