Independent tests for Granorte

GRANORTE has commissioned two third-party organisations to independently test its product, ‘proving that cork is one of the leading flooring choices for acoustics, thermal insulation, comfort and shock absorption’.
First to be tested were Granorte’s acoustic credentials, a task carried out by EPH, a certification body that focuses on woodwork, plastics and craft.

The results, says the company, showed Granorte cork can offer up to 19dB of sound reduction, demonstrating its suitability for commercial environments such as restaurants and bars, where footfall and wheeled traffic can often result in significant noise levels.

Second, Granorte’s thermal insulation, comfort and shock absorption were put to the test. Commissioned to carry out this work was the IBV, or Instituto de Biomecanica, a body that specialises in the interaction of the human body with its environment and the products found within. Granorte cork’s performance in the three areas was benchmarked against products in laminate, LVT and ceramic, and reportedly stood up well.
Paulo Rocha, R&D, Granorte UK, said: ‘We always knew the capabilities of our cork product, with qualities spanning acoustics, thermal insulation, comfort and shock absorption.

‘This said, it’s always valuable to gain third party accreditation from recognised bodies, and that is exactly what we have achieved in commissioning this work from the EPH and IBV. Cork flooring may look the part, but its talents extend well beyond a beautiful aesthetic; now we have the results to show this.’
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