Industrial Flooring - PPC

‘FOR high performance extraction of hazardous dust in the workplace or onsite, the professional’s choice is the M450LP Vacuum, featuring the Longopac bagging system,’ says PPC.

‘The M450LP has been redesigned so the 1,700mm operating height can be reduced to 1,300mm for easy transportation and storage,’ says the company. ‘Designed for use with construction machinery and tools or used independently the M450LP has varying levels of suction, controlled by three individual motors, for light or heavy-duty applications.’

PPC continues: ‘The M450LP’s steel construction and high-performance self-cleaning filters will afford the user continuous long-term use, virtually no maintenance and the versatility to use with all types of planers, grinders, shot-blasters, cutting equipment and tools.

‘With no bin to empty, no airborne dust escapes into the working environment, as the dust is contained in the Longopac bagging system (which are sealed with tie wraps and cut into manageable lengths for safe disposal).’

When fitted with a 'H' filter, the M450LP is said to be suitable for ACMs (asbestos containing materials) which are present in pre-1999 floorcoverings, adhesives and cement and is also used for control of dust by specialist Asbestos Contractors.

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