‘Inspiration 2018’ from Invista

INVISTA Antron carpet fibre has launched ‘Inspiration 2018’, a reference of influences permeating the work of carpet designers using the fibre to create what is described as high-performance carpet for commercial environments.

Featuring reference photography from a broad spectrum of subjects such as nature, architecture, colour, light and street art, the reference touches on core themes shaping commercial interior design.

An extension of Antron fibre’s work in colour with the ‘Global Colour Trend Forecast’ report, the book provides insight into the world of carpet design.

Stephan Hanke, Invista Antron carpet fibre, expands: ‘Just like interior designers involved in shaping workplaces, carpet designers are influenced by factors outside of their immediate subject, so we launched ‘Inspiration 2018’ to document this pictorially.

‘Revealing the often-surprising and incredibly diverse inspiration behind carpet designs, the book may even help to provide new creative ideas for designers working across the broader spectrum of interiors as a whole.’

Covering seven subjects, the book takes focus on the architecture and culture of Iceland, as well as drawing on the country’s natural landscape.

From the reds found on roofs and facades of traditional homes and the colour’s high-contrast to the greens of its natural backdrop, to the coveted hand-crafts that form the mainstay of the country’s fashion and interiors, ‘Inspiration 2018’ is claimed to make for a compelling reference.