Inspirational flooring for a memorable customer experience

PLANNING the interior design of a hotel or restaurant is a creative and commercial challenge, with the one and only objective being how to ensure the best customer experience possible.  

Tarkett’s 2018 Play Book is said to explore modern and inspirational ways of mixing and playing with flooring colours, textures and formats which can help you create an exceptional experience your customers will remember.

Read below about four inspirational ways mixing different flooring materials can help tell the story of your brand and ultimately create a great customer experience.

Follow a clear path
Customers in hotels and restaurants like the experience to be simple, so finding their way around without getting lost or having to ask for directions is essential.

Choosing a different floor to create a path around your hotel or restaurant, like a red carpet for instance, is an ideal way to achieve this.

Creating paths and focus areas, thanks to the contrast between different flooring materials and colours, can also make a strong design statement and give your brand extra personality. Using high-end flooring materials such as thick carpets, LVT or premium wood parquet helps create a very welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.  

Tell a story
Brands tell a story. While this story may be around products, services and the people who make them, a brand sells an experience.

Whether your brand takes its inspiration from nature, travel, innovation or art for example, choosing and mixing the right flooring materials and colours can make your customer experience as special as you want it to be. For instance, linoleum floors are ideal to render a natural and authentic atmosphere.  

Play with colours
Colours give brands personality and offer customers a more immediate and emotional experience. Choose the colours that fit best with the story you want to tell. For instance, colours have a strong impact on the moods of your customers: use orange to stimulate appetite, green to soothe, yellow to energize, blue to inspire.

Mixing different bright colours in the flooring can help create an energy-packed atmosphere. Above all, colours will help your customers remember your brand.

Play with transitions
Tarkett says it offers ‘an impressive variety of multi-material flooring options with wide ranging materials, patterns and textures to suit any hospitality and leisure application: from lobbies, hallways, bedrooms, restaurants and bars, to fitness areas or cinemas’.

Using different flooring materials to create a modern and welcoming atmosphere can be achieved in many ways, the company says, but its favourite is using a combination of wood, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles with carpet.

‘Browse Tarkett’s 2018 Play Book to get your interior design inspiration and see how others have created stunning customer experiences in retail, restaurant or hotel facilities,’ says the company.

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