Instarmac - Industrial Strength

WITH so many products available on the market, and the requirements of projects more demanding than ever, choosing the perfect products for your industrial flooring installation can be an intimidating prospect.

Manufacturing facilities need floors that are durable, can bear the weight of heavy machinery and are resistant to spillages. Similarly, with the constant trafficking from forklift trucks, warehouses need subfloor materials that won’t crack and become uneven, causing serious health and safety risks. ‘UltraFloor, part of Instarmac Group, has been providing contractors with trusted and proven subfloor preparation materials suitable for industrial flooring applications for more than 15 years,’ says the company.

‘Its range of smoothing underlayments, bulking concrete, primer and surface finish have had their performance capabilities tested at Instarmac’s state-of-the-art laboratory – giving you peace of mind that UltraFloor materials are designed to last.’

Level IT Top heavy duty, abrasive resistant surface finish has been designed for use as a wear surface, and can receive forklift traffic after 36 hours, making it suitable for warehouses and manufacturing facilities where downtime isn’t an option.

Suitable for use with Level IT Top, Level IT Base heavy duty, deep fill smoothing underlayment has been formulated to build depths of up to 50mm thickness and reportedly boasts a high compressive strength – an important requirement for industrial flooring applications.

Level IT Top and Level IT Base can be pump or trowel applied for ease of application, are moisture tolerant, have a 30-40 minute working time and can receive foot traffic after three hours.

UltraFloor’s industrial flooring range also includes Level IT Super Flex 30, a rapid setting and drying fibre reinforced, flexible finishing compound. Designed for screwed and fixed plywood floors where vibration and movement is likely, Level IT Super Flex 30 can receive bonded floorcoverings after one hour and resin finishes after 24 hours.

‘What’s more, Level IT Super Flex 30 can receive foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes and forklift traffic after 24 hours, allowing you to move on to another part of the project quickly, increasing productivity,’ says UltraFloor.

‘For deep section repairs without bulking aggregates, UltraFloor recommends the use of a flowable bulking concrete such as Fill IT. This self-compacting, rapid setting and drying flowable concrete has a set time of 20 minutes and is suitable for internal and external backfilling up to 300mm.’

Completing UltraFloor’s industrial flooring range is Prime IT Multi-surface Primer. Designed to promote the adhesion of UltraFloor smoothing underlayments, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer is suitable for porous and non-porous substrates, is moisture tolerant and reportedly reduces pinholing, minimising the risk of costly failures.

‘Choose UltraFloor for products that are proven, trusted and designed to last. For more information, our latest case studies, pricing enquiries, or to place an order, contact the UltraFloor sales team,’ says UltraFloor.
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