Interfloor specialist underlays

INTERFLOOR says its specialist underlays for wood and laminate flooring offer some of the best noise reducing performance in the industry. The Duralay Timbermate range includes the sponge rubber Timbermate Excel and Silentfloor Gold, ‘a premium underlay with a 53 SONE rating, plus the hardwearing Duratex’.

Tests show in-room acoustics can worsen if inferior or lightweight underlays are used with hard flooring; putting a lightweight, air-filled, cellular product under wood or laminate creates an echo chamber and more noise, whether it’s generated by scraping furniture, heavy footsteps or reverberation.

‘While many products on the market claim to be acoustic underlays, their impact test results just don’t compare to Timbermate underlays which reduce in-room noise by up to 30%,’ says Interfloor.

‘Independent tests prove the Timbermate products, with their superior weight and density, significantly reduce acoustic noise levels and all have achieved low SONE ratings.’

Timbermate Excel is a 3.60mm gauge high density resilient rubber underlay while the top-end Silentfloor Gold is a 4.20mm gauge high density resilient rubber underlay.

‘Underlays feature Interfloor’s VapourStop membrane, which helps prevent moisture, and branded backing to help differentiate them from inferior copycat products,’ says Interfloor.

‘For installations where moisture isn’t an issue, Duratex is a heavy-duty 3.60mm gauge high density resilient rubber underlay that offers great performance and excellent value.’