Invista Antron and Tagetik

NVISTA Antron fibre, featuring in Frequency carpet tiles by Quadrant, is providing the offices of financial performance specialist, Tagetik, with a carpet in an abstract pattern that has been random laid for ‘maximum visual impact’.

Quadrant Frequency carpet tiles were designed to provide commercial spaces with an entirely flexible carpet tile that can perform a range of stylistic duties ‘thanks to its random lay nature’.

Whether a structured linear stripe to an apparently random, yet carefully controlled layout, the tile is reportedly one of Quadrant’s most popular collections.

Saheed Mustapha, designer for Open Workspace Design, was responsible for the specification of the Quadrant Frequency carpet tiles in three colourways centred around a grey core:
‘We chose the Frequency design because of its ability to be laid randomly, which helped us create an irregular pattern throughout working spaces. The final look is amazing and I’ll certainly use the carpet tile again if the opportunity arises.’

Alongside the carpet tile’s high-density 12th gauge construction, Antron Lumena carpet fibre ensures Quadrant’s Frequency can perform in working spaces, the company says.

‘A hardwearing fibre that’s resistant to staining and fading, as well as easy to maintain; Antron Lumena is designed to last in commercial spaces and so was the natural choice when developing Frequency.

‘Frequency was designed to be an incredibly flexible option for designers looking for an off-the-shelf solution that can adapt to any space,’ explains the carpet tile’s designer, Quadrant’s James Scully.

‘As such, it was important it met expectations of wear and easy maintenance, so it could be recommended in confidence in the busiest of spaces. There are few other fibres better at this than Antron Lumena and with a huge range of solution-dyed colours, it has also made our broad selection of workman colourways achievable.’

About 400sq m of Frequency carpet tiles were specified by Open Workspace Design as part of a complete re-fit and now flow through workspaces of Tagetik’s London office. Frequency has been updated with four new colourways for 2017.