Invista Antron - contract carpets

PRIMAL is one of four themes presented in Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019/20 by Invista Antron carpet fibre. Exploring our need to retreat and relax, it presents a palette of subdued, natural and essentialist shades, says the company.

It says the report looks at key design drivers for commercial interiors in 2019 and has been compiled in collaboration with Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, a design, fashion, textiles and materials agency.

‘Providing a unique perspective on how colour will impact spaces in the years ahead, the Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019 is essential reading for anyone working in the design of workspaces,’ says the company.

‘With a focus on wellness and the revelation that the workplace is where we are exposed to trends that tap into our need for creativity and interactivity, the report reveals that through entertaining and dynamic design we can provide the tools for people to feel happy and comfortable in the office environment.

‘Alongside Play, Grow and Reflect, Primal reflects our attempts to feel closer to nature; a series of colours driven by the natural state of materials, as well as nature itself. A handcrafted, raw edge prevails with colours of ochre and mustard alongside concrete grey.’

‘There are numerous options for creating surfaces with quiet and pure aesthetics while showing interesting, irregular and dynamic surface effects,’ explains Anne Marie Commandeur. ‘The quiet patterns and shades of carpet also offer the added benefit of warmth, softness, tactility, indulgence and luxury; creating a sanctuary-like space, or even having a meditative effect. As people look for comfort and shelter, carpet can offer this in any colour, texture or pattern.’

Carpet can add a natural feeling to surroundings by using the green palette for surfaces, or creating flooring inspired by nature that replicates textures with natural aesthetics such as marble, stone, bark and wood patterns. Moreover, it can do this while offering the enhanced comfort and warmth a textile surface brings.

The Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019 is presented in a brochure that explores each theme in detail and which is now available from Invista Antron Carpet fibre in hardcopy or digital format.