Invista Antron & Integro

INVISTA Antron carpet fibre, featuring in carpet planks and tiles from Quadrant, is said to be providing the London offices of insurance broker, Integro, with long-term performance and ease of maintenance.
Carpet products from British company, Quadrant, were specified by Resonate interiors throughout the open plan space, complementing with the concrete chilled beams and glazed facades that inspire the interior design. In working spaces, carpet tiles reportedly provide underfoot comfort and acoustic absorption; along with wear and stain resistance thanks to Antron Lumena carpet fibre and a quality 12th gauge construction.

Invista Antron says the organic shapes and linear motif of Quadrant Synergy carpet tiles in colour sonic grey add a dynamic spirit beneath desks in meeting rooms, while Elements tiles in colour Pebble contrast for walkways. With both carpet tiles reportedly relying on Antron Lumena carpet fibre, Resonate Interiors could create an energetic floor design, selecting products with the confidence of high-performance, stain and fade resistance, and ease of maintenance, says Invista Antron.

Antron Lumena carpet fibre is reportedly made from Polyamide 6.6 (PA 6.6) and is extruded in a square fibre shape with four hollow-channels running through its length. This fibre shape and hollow-cross section are said to minimise the appearance of dirt, while the tighter and stronger structure of PA 6.6, compared to PA 6.0, makes it difficult for dirt to adhere, for easier removal when cleaning, Invista Antron claims. Solution-dyed, where colour is an integral part of the molecular structure, Antron Lumena is also colourfast and is said to resist staining and fading from sunlight and cleaning.

Elsewhere, Antron carpet fibre features in cut-pile carpet planks from Quadrant. Zephyr in colour Heliotrope, and Shimmer in colour Moonlit, work as area rugs. Zephyr features Antron Legacy carpet fibre with a hollow cross-section that is said to help minimise the appearance of dirt, while Shimmer relies on the trilobal cross-section of Antron carpet fibre. Performance in both products is said to be thanks to the wear-resistance and recovery of PA 6.6.

Integro is located in a 4,180sq m office at 71 Fenchurch Street, London. Seeing staff congregating from a variety of locations, the new office is defined by existing buildings on two sides including a Grade II listed building constructed for Lloyd’s Register in 1901. Glazing reportedly animates the office’s exterior while also forming an integrated heating and cooling system. A total of 3,192sq m of Quadrant carpet featuring Invista Antron Carpet Fibre was used throughout the building.