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WHEN it’s time to replace a school’s sport or multi-use floor, considering some basic factors will help you make the right choice. Safety, longevity, ease of maintenance, durability and cost are usually high on the list of priorities, but with some sports flooring surfaces you may have to make a compromise somewhere along the way. By specifying a Junckers solid hard wood sports flooring system you can rest assured all criteria will be fulfilled, with the added bonus of boasting a showpiece floor, the manufacturer says.

Junckers sports floors reportedly comply fully with EN 14904, the European standard for indoor surfaces for multi-sport use. This means the performance level of a Junckers sports flooring system fulfills essential safety requirements for users, such as shock absorption and friction, levelness, vertical ball behavior, resistance to impact and resistance to a rolling load, as well as fire resistance and emission of hazardous substances.

A Junckers sports floor has ‘exceptional’ longevity, the company says. It can reportedly be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life. Junckers says with 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded. Compared with a typical 15-year life of a synthetic or engineered floor, Junckers argues, there really is no comparison in terms of life cycle cost - the numbers speak for themselves.

Every floor finish, including synthetics, will become damaged over time, but there is no need to endure the slow death of a floor finish that cannot be refurbished. Junckers sports flooring is reportedly extremely durable and when backed up by the 25-year guarantee available to clients through its network of approved contractors, will retain its looks and performance in excess of 60 years.

Junckers says its sports flooring systems are being put to good use on a daily basis in thousands of schools, colleges, universities and public buildings up and down the country, right through to the highest levels of professional sport – ‘a sheer testament to their quality and performance’.
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