Kährs maintenance range

KAHRS Maintenance Range includes various eco-friendly finishing products, for ongoing maintenance and refurbishment of oiled and lacquered wood floors. All products are reportedly suitable for high traffic locations in commercial and domestic areas, for renovation projects and post-installation treatment.

For oiled finishes, Kährs Satin Oil is offered in 15 shades - from pale white and grey shades, to rich dark brown tones – which can be colour-matched to existing Kährs designs for renovation purposes. Natural satin and matt oil finishes are also available for general maintenance.

For lacquer finishes, the range includes matt, satin and high gloss treatments and Kährs Lacquer Polish. Lacklustre satin and matt finishes can also be rejuvenated with Kährs Lacquer Refresher and, for localised repairs, the range includes Touch-up lacquer and oil, in 31 shades.

Finishing products are claimed to be solvent-free and designed to provide exceptional durability, without compromising the wood’s natural aesthetic. They also reportedly provide a safe application, high coverage and long-lasting protection.
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