Kährs wood floor designs

KäHRS’ range includes more than 140 wood floor designs, crafted from sustainable timber and featuring a nature-friendly construction. Designs span from traditional one-strip boards – with solvent-free lacquer or oil pre-finishes - to on-trend colour-stained designs, with tactile finishing treatments.

Commitment to the environment is reflected throughout Kährs production, the company says, from its local timber sourcing and replanting initiatives, to the conversion of waste timber to bio-fuel and waste ash to a nutrient-rich forest fertiliser.

During manufacture, floors are constructed using a multi-layered method, based on the original ‘parquet’ design invented and patented by Kährs in 1941. As well as reportedly providing greater stability, it also uses resources in the eco-friendliest way.

Floors also feature Kährs Woodloc joint, for a ‘fast glue-less installation’.

New designs for 2017 include Kährs Götaland Collection - a range of three-strip wood floors which combine lively oak with a vintage finish.

Each design features a surface treatment that is handscraped, sawn, brushed and bevelled; the lightest and darkest floors are also stained and all designs are finished with several layers of nature oil.
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