Kerakoll - Flooring and tiling adhesives

KERAKOLL has what it describes as a comprehensive range of flooring adhesives for wood, laminate, vinyl, textile and ceramic. ‘These have been developed to be as friendly to the environment and human health as possible without sacrificing performance and ease of use,’ says the company.

The company recently relaunched its collection of adhesives, sealing and cleaning products for hardwood flooring in the UK. The revamped collection includes Slc EP21 Rapid (a rapid primer/DPM), new formulations of the L34 range of adhesives including a new rapid-setting product, and cleaners, fillers and varnishes.

The collection is accompanied by a systems brochure covering installation on common substrates and ‘a quick system for rapid installation’. The brochure is said to double as a product catalogue.

The tiling collection includes products such as the Biogel range which consists of three adhesives, all of which are said to be suitable for ‘practically any substrate and all types of tile’.
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