Kerakoll’s Biogel

In 2017 Kerakoll UK launched a new type of adhesive made from gel technology. The range, which Kerakoll says has been a runaway success, does away with all of the different formulations for different substrates and tile types that exist with standard C2 cement-based adhesives. All three of the products in it are said to be suitable for internal and external use on any substrate even deformable ones, and for use with ceramic, stone and porcelain as well as practically any other material.  

It consists of Biogel No Limits (standard set powder form C2 TE S1), Biogel Extreme (R2 hybrid gel) and the newest addition Biogel Revolution (rapid set powder form C2 FTE S1). This last combines prolonged workability with accelerated adhesion making even the most urgent jobs easy to work on, Kerakoll says.

Apart from the simplicity of choice, the advantages are said to be many: the adhesives reportedly stay the same consistency as when you first mixed them even after a long period in the bucket. The mix doesn’t shrink, so you can make it the right thickness for the job and it’s said to be softer and easier to work with. The consistency means that it wets the entire tile as well as the substrate, reportedly giving an excellent bond and superior performance. It’s said to be high-grab and no slip even on walls. The inclusion of resins reportedly gives it a high shear strength which means it can be used on the most deformable substrates.

Kerakoll concludes: ‘the icing on the cake is that this new type of resin has a low environmental impact giving Biogel No Limits a GreenBuilding Rating of 5.’ BioGel No Limits is available in grey or white shock.
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