Kerakoll UK range

THE progressive replacement of the chemical products used in buildings with products that have low environmental impact is destined to transform the construction market, including the tiling industry and have a profound effect on the design of new buildings and renovations of existing real estate, making room for new partners and superior standards in terms of environmental impact and new benefits for users.

Kerakoll UK’s ranges of tile adhesives, grout and surface preparation products are said to have benefited from the company’s commitment to continual research and development into eco-friendly products, which are formulated to use fewer natural resources and reduce the impact of building on the environment, while maintaining performance.

Kerakoll says the mineral products in the range significantly reduce CO2 emissions (to less than 250g/kg) because they feature the latest generation solutions containing less cementitious binders, and are made with single-component technology that excludes the use of plastic containers.

They contain at least 30% recycled materials and can themselves be recycled at the end of their life as inert materials. At least 60% of their contents are minerals which are harmless to health and the environment and don’t emit VOCs, thus lessening the likelihood of Sick Building Syndrome, the company says.
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