LTP - Refurbishment

DISCOLOURED grout joints can ruin a floor aesthetic, especially where light colour grouts have been specified. During a floor refurbishment, deep cleaning products used on tiled floors often fail to target this area and cleaned tiles remain framed by a dirty, unhygienic border. This is an especially common issue in WCs and bathrooms, hotels, restaurants and leisure environments.

Unlike most ceramics and porcelains, grout is highly absorbent, and a specific regime should be adapted to ‘pull’ organic dirt, stains and mould from these joints, and to protect them. LTP’s range includes treatments for a clean-seal-maintain regime, which will restore the grout’s appearance and protect it from future staining.

LTP Mouldex – an anti-bacterial grout and silicone cleaner - is applied to the joint, to remove stains and kill mould spores, fungus, algae and moss. The treatment has a trigger spray for safe application and a gel-like consistency which clings to surfaces, minimising waste and maximising performance. Clean joints are then protected with LTP Grout & Tile Protector – a colourless barrier against water, dirt, oil, grease and limescale.

To maintain surfaces going forward, LTP says it recommends Stonewash - its ‘gentle, neutral ‘spray and wipe’ cleaner that thoroughly cleans surfaces without breaking down or removing protective seals. Each of the three treatments is suitable for natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and masonry surfaces – on floors and walls - and for use with coloured grout’.

LTP products are manufactured in the UK and are offered alongside advice from LTP’s in-house technical team.
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