Mapei and Morrisons

MAPEI’s Mapefloor i302 SL is a two-component multipurpose epoxy formulate designed for industrial floors, compliant with standards applied to the drinks and foodstuffs industry and clean rooms.

Mapefloor I302 SL is said by the company to be a versatile product which can be used as two systems: first as a high-build coating suitable for foot traffic areas, and second, as a durable self-levelling system for areas where particularly high foot traffic is expected and mobile machinery may be operating.

Mapefloor I302 is claimed to be a high-quality product which has very little odour and is ‘extremely easy to mix and apply’.

Mapei says the product is particularly resin-rich with a low filler content, available in a range of 19 RAL colours with an option available for a customised colour service.

Mapei’s Mapefloor i302 resin flooring has recently been installed in an area covering more than 1,200sq m at the Morrisons supermarket food processing plant in Northwich, Cheshire, to renovate the existing flooring and provide what is described as a safe and durable solution.

As the flooring was installed in a food processing plant, the products used for the new floor had to be ‘taint-free’, hence the specification of the Mapefloor i302 resin flooring which is said to be safe and compliant for use in areas of food preparation and storage.
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