Mapei and Royal Melbourne Hospital

MAPEI says it provides adaptable solutions for construction projects in the healthcare sector. When working in this environment it’s essential to provide functionality, while still delivering desirable aesthetics; healthcare facilities require practicality, but also the correct ambience to promote a comfortable atmosphere for patients.

Ultrabond Eco V4SP is a low VOC product and can be used in residential and commercial environments such as hospitals. A recent installation was at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne, Australia. 60,000sq m of vinyl flooring was installed using Ultrabond V4SP throughout the hospital.

Mapei UK’s resilient product manager John Monaghan said: ‘Ultrabond Eco V4SP gives a good initial tack and provides a very high peel strength, couple this with the product’s extended open time, it’s found to be extremely easy to apply.’

Ultrabond Eco V4SP is said by Mapei to be a solvent-free, synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion.

The company adds that owing to its particular formulation and extended open time, it can be used as wet-bed adhesive for all kinds of floorings on absorbent substrates, as well as a transitional pressure-sensitive adhesive for bonding dimensionally stable floorcoverings on impervious, non-absorbent substrates.

The full range of Mapei’s Ultrabond Eco Adhesives are claimed to be the perfect accompaniment to install resilient and textile floorcoverings.
The solvent-free adhesives with low emissions of VOC have been previously specified for a range of healthcare projects.
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