Mapei - Decorative vinyl & LVTs

THE new ‘high performance, one-component silylated polymer-based adhesive’ for installing LVT floorcoverings is Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT and Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall to bond LVT in areas exposed to water and damp environments such as in bathrooms and wet-rooms.

Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is designed for use on interior floors for LVT floorcoverings and as a universal adhesive for all types of textile and resilient flooring coverings, including vinyl, and is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and in extreme warm environments such as conservatories.

John Monaghan, resilient product manager at Mapei UK commented: ‘Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is a great addition to the Mapei Ultrabond adhesive family. The versatility of the adhesive is immense and will enable fitters to complete jobs in areas where historically two-part adhesives would be required.

‘Installation times will also be reduced as Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT requires no mixing. Another major advantage with Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is ‘no waste’, just replace the lid and the remaining product can be used again.

‘Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial locations such as hospitals, shopping centers and airports. Tough and highly resistant to shear-loads,
Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is particularly suitable for floors exposed to direct sunlight, intense mechanical stress and areas which are constantly exposed to water such as communal kitchens, showers and wet-rooms.
‘To complete the system, finish with Mapecoat 4 LVT to provide a non-slip coating.’

Solvent-free Emicode rated EC1 R Plus, Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT is reportedly rated very low on emissions and is said to be suitable for installers who are sensitive to epoxy and epoxy/PU products, proving harmless to the health of the installer and end-user.

Mapei has produced environmental product declarations (EPD) for many of their products. An EPD is a complete certified report prepared according to international standards, documenting the effects a product has on the environment.

An analysis of the product using the lifecycle assessment (LCA) methodology, evaluates the environmental impacts of the product: from extraction of the raw materials that make up the formula, to its final disposal.

Visit Mapei’s YouTube channel to watch the ‘Mapei Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT shower installation system’.