Mapei DPM Mapeproof ESM

MAPEI says it’s a specialist in providing complete systems for successful flooring installations, and this is no different when it comes to flooring in education environments.

Mapei’s damp-proof membrane Mapeproof ESM is a two-component pure epoxy resin, which is reportedly solvent-free and very low odour, suitable for use as a moisture barrier on cement-based substrates with residual or static moisture.

Eco Prim T primer is another low VOC and solvent-free product from Mapei. Eco Prim T is a fast-track product which enables a speedy installation and is also suitable for priming the surface before installing levelling compounds such as Ultrabond Eco 3210.

Reportedly with ultra-fast hardening and self-levelling, Ultrabond Eco 3210 is suitable for smoothing differences in 3-10 mm per coat.

Certified as low VOC, it can be used prior to installation of all types of floorcovering where maximum resistance to loads are required.

The universal adhesive Ultrabond MS 4 LVT can then be used to apply the floorcovering.
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