Mapei eco adhesives

MAPEI’s Ultrabond Eco range of adhesives reportedly has an option suitable for all resilient and textile flooring scenarios, such as in areas where underfloor heating is used or where temperature fluctuations occur.

High performance and solvent-free characteristics make them suitable for areas of heavy foot traffic such as schools, offices, hospitals and sports-floors, Mapei claims.

The company says its Ultrabond Eco V4SP is a multi-purpose high performance professional adhesive for the installation of resilient floor- and wall-coverings which is manufactured in the UK.

Ultrabond Eco V4SP can be used for the interior installation of PVC and rubber flooring, and is also suitable for LVT, linoleum and indoor sports flooring. If laid into while wet, the Ultrabond Eco V4SP adhesive can also be used as a pressure sensitive or permanent bond adhesive.

Specialist adhesive Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT, is dedicated to the installation of LVT. The fibre-reinforced adhesive has EC1 Plus accreditation, providing a safer installation for the installer and end-user. It’s claimed to have a high shear resistance and the addition of fibres makes it suitable for areas with under floor heating.  

Mapei says it produces the full range of EC1 rated solvent-free eco-adhesives, meaning every scenario is covered, whether you’re installing carpet, vinyl and rubber, PVC, linoleum or carpet tiles. Carpet adhesive Ultrabond Eco 170 bonds textile floorcoverings with a high initial bond, the carpet tile tackifier Ultrabond Eco Tack provides a tacky film when dry to allow for the removal and easy replacement of carpet tiles.

Ultrabond Eco 380 is a vinyl and PVC adhesive along with Ultrabond Eco VS90 which is also a high-temperature acrylic adhesive capable of bonding vinyl sheet and tile, PVC tiles, PVC-backed carpets rubber and linoleum.

Ultrabond Eco Fix is said to be a pressure sensitive, multi-purpose adhesive which allows for the non-permanent fixing of PVC/vinyl tiles, carpet and carpet underlays with the added benefit that it can be used as a permanent adhesive when laid into wet.

Contact Mapei’s technical team for tailored advice regarding which adhesive is right for your project or visit the website.