Mapei products

MAPEI says it is committed to protecting the earth; using energy and resources sustainably, minimizing waste and developing and supplying products with user safety in mind. Transparency of sustainable communications coupled with ethical behaviour are said to be cornerstones of the Mapei foundation in the quest for excellence.

Mapei claims it has dedicated years of research and development into the production of green products, beginning by taking a look at how Mapei operate as a business on all scales: from installing motion sensor lighting in warehouses, to creating environmental product declarations (EPD) for products. The EPD assesses and evaluates the environmental impact of a product, applying the life cycle assessment (LCA) method to evaluate the energy and environmental inputs of a product throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of the raw materials to disposal of waste products. This assessment reportedly also takes into account production processes and distribution through to final use. By implementing this method, Mapei says it can evaluate how a product and its life cycle can be modified to reduce environmental impact.

Offering the best and most innovative solutions for design and construction according to eco-sustainable principles is a fundamental commitment for Mapei, the company says. It goes on to say this requires a sense of responsibility and the ability to make concrete choices in order to supply designers, contractors, workers, clients and end users with products which are safe, reliable and durable, and that have the lowest environmental impact.
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