Market Place, Bolton and UltraTile

A MULTIMILLION pound redevelopment of Market Place in Bolton opened in late 2016 featuring an exclusive Light Cinema complex. Helping create this trendy, VIP entertainment experience, DM Tiling installed porcelain tiles using UltraTile.

Commercial tiler DM Tiling was contracted to complete this 700sq m project in under four months.

The areas to be tiled included the high trafficked foyer, toilets and bar. Working with a Dural CI mat substrate throughout, it was first levelled over with flexible floor leveller, Level IT Rapid.

This is a single-part, high-strength, rapid-drying and curing cementitious smoothing underlayment that has specifically formulated UltraTile fibre technology, which aids application and strength and is said to result in an even, strong and durable base.

The product can be laid at depths from 2-15mm and can be walked on after only 30 minutes. Its rapid- drying properties allow for tiling after just 45 minutes providing what the company describes as the ultimate fast-track levelling solution.

Rapid-setting flexible ProRapid RS cementitious tile adhesive in grey was used to fix the 600x400 and 600x300 tiles. Sold in 20kg bags this high-strength adhesive can be applied at thicknesses up to 12mm and has a pot-life of one hour. Tilers may begin grouting 2.5 hours after ProRapid RS has been applied, subject to temperatures and conditions.

All tiles were grouted with UltraTile FlexJoint, a flexible grout for all tile types. Claimed to be popular with tilers owing to its ‘easy wipe clean’ finish, it’s often requested over cheaper alternatives, says UltraTile. Visit the UltraTile YouTube channel to see this grout in action.
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