Monarfloor Tranquility

NOISE nuisance in the form of low frequency impact transmission in party and intermediate floors can be a real issue, which can be greatly amplified once hard floorcoverings have been installed. With the trend for laminate and timber floors, various UK studies show a clear correlation between such flooring and neighbourhood complaints.

Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (ADE) required separating party floors to achieve an impact reduction performance; however, adding hard floorcoverings can compromise this, and there are many floors in individual dwellings where ADE doesn’t apply.

Building Regulations allow for the use of a ‘soft bonded’ isolation layer; such a solution can successfully be incorporated into many floors to reduce the impact transmission, while offering other benefits.

Monarfloor Tranquility System is an acoustic isolation membrane system for party floors.

Monarfloor Acoustic Systems says: ‘Monarfloor Tranquility reduces impact and flanking transmission through separating party floors or intermediate floors by isolating wood and laminate floors from the concrete or timber subfloor.

‘It’s a self-adhesive that complies with building regulations and bonds to the subfloor to reduce the impact noise while ensuring its robustness.

‘It also improves the thermal comfort of the floor and can be laid in newbuild and renovation projects.’

The product also reportedly isolates wood and laminate floors from the subfloor, reducing impact noise transmission, and has superior dynamic stiffness, acoustic isolation and damping performance.

It’s a one-part self-adhesive system, providing ease of installation with no additional expensive adhesives says Monarfloor. It adds: ‘It significantly improves thermal comfort of the floor and is suitable for hard or soft surface coverings and concrete or timber subfloors in newbuild and refurbishment projects.’

Furthermore, Monarfloor says, it surpasses the performance requirement of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations and complies with robust details bonded resilient Floorcovers.
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