N&C Nicobond ScreedPro EcoLevel 30

N&C NICOBOND, celebrating 60 years of what it describes as innovation in tiling and flooring, says it’s offering a ‘truly fast track, premium, two-part flooring solution with N&C Nicobond ScreedPro EcoLevel 30’, designed for smoothing uneven floors prior to the installation of floorcoverings.

With rapid drying and setting characteristics, N&C Nicobond ScreedPro EcoLevel 30 is said by N&C to outperform other competitors' products at low temperatures and ‘has a range of excellent features and benefits’.

According to N&C, features and benefits include rapid drying, rapid setting; excellent flow, high flexibility, added fibres; water lock formulation, OPC-free, thickness (2-15mm), working time (10 minutes), foot traffic (30 minutes), drying time (3-4 hours), fix ceramics (45 minutes), floorcoverings (unbonded: 45 minutes, bonded: 4 hours), and compatibility with Nicobond Undertile Heating.

N&C Nicobond ScreedPro EcoLevel 30 is said to be formulated using unique binder technology and contains carefully graded aggregates, fillers and gauging liquid polymer dispersion.

This product is suited to installers who prefer latex-based compounds with the attributes of flexibility, good flow and the capability of installing impervious floorcoverings in short timescales. See N&C’s flooring systems brochure for details on this and its suite of floor-levelling compounds.
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