Nicobond Rapidflex Adhesive

N&C NICOBOND offers total flooring solutions for all its tiling needs, regardless of the type of substrate with which you’re working, says the company.

‘Nicobond Rapidflex Adhesive is incredibly popular for the tiling professional, for fixing ceramic wall or floor tiles, porcelain, mosaic and natural stones in interior or exterior situations where a resilient bond is required,’ says the company.

It adds: ‘Nicobond Rapidflex is an innovative rapid setting, single part flexible and waterproof tile adhesive which bonds tiles to a wide variety of substrates, such as sand/cement surfaces, plywood, flooring grade asphalt, hard vinyl tiles and tile backer boards.

‘The thin or thick bed flexible adhesive has excellent initial grab and non-slip properties. Being slip- and water-resistant, this adhesive is practical for outdoor projects such as swimming pools.’

According to N&C Nicobond, the benefits and features of this adhesive include:
colours available (white and grey); maximum bed thickness: 12mm; coverage: 2-4kg/sq m; adjust time: 15-20 minutes; grouting: 1-4 hours; pot-life: 30-45 minutes; open time: 10-15 minutes; and available in: 10 and 20kg.

‘N&C Nicobond offer the complete tiling solution, with the ability to supply all the tools and materials required for tiling projects,’ the company says.
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