Osmo expands range

OSMO UK, which describes itself as the eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist, has expanded its range of wood adhesives with a new durable product developed for use in the home. This is the D3 Express Wood Adhesive, a reportedly ready-to-use water-resistant adhesive specially formulated for use on interior and exterior wooden furniture and joinery.

The formula of the D3 Express Wood Adhesive is said to be suitable for gluing all types of wood. ‘Developed not only to secure wood to wood, the versatile adhesive can fix paper, cardboard, and textile-backed PVC to wood and board,’ says the company. ‘D3 Express conforms to EN 204, meaning the adhesive can be used on interior furniture with frequent short-term exposure to running and condensed water, or heavy exposure to high humidity.’

Osmo UK continues: ‘The excellent bond strength is designed to suit moisture-resistant bonds. Outdoor timber constructions such as window frames and doors, if not directly exposed to weather, can be bonded with the D3 Express.

‘Application is made easy due to the paste consistency. The D3 Express Wood Adhesive can be easily applied using a mechanical glue spreader, brush, hand roller, or air activate glue gun. To achieve great results, Osmo UK recommends that prior to application, the surface is clean and dry and that the product is thoroughly mixed before use. This will ensure full water resistance is achieved after seven days.’

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