Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints Raw

OSMO UK offers Polyx-Oil Tints Raw, a lightly tinted protective finish that reportedly provides an original, untreated appearance for wooden floors.

Said to be desired by many homeowners and favoured by interior designers, this finish apparently creates a sought-after look, but also protects the wood’s surface – ‘a winning formula for flooring contractors’, according to Osmo.

Based on the original Polyx-Oil product, it’s claimed to retain the natural beauty and character of the wood ‘in a perfect way’.

Reported to be easy to use and apply, Polyx-Oil Tints Raw is suitable for those who wish to retain the wood’s original look. By accentuating the natural colour and grain of the wood, the surface appears as near to natural as possible.

The floor is claimed to remain microporous and can be touched up to cover abrasions without a problem. ‘Simply apply two coats of Polyx-Oil Tints Raw and the new, improved and unique flooring is ready for your client to show off,’ says Osmo, adding that if any abrasions appear, the finish ‘is easy to touch up any leaves no visible marks’.

Finishing floors with Polyx-Oil creates a durable and water and dirt-resistant surface, says Osmo. It adds: ‘The natural renewable ingredients in this product guarantee an even colour spreading and an overall pleasing finish.’  

The company says it’s renowned for its wood treatments that combine product performance and natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

It says it operates a policy of supplying only products that are eco-friendly during production as well as in application. ‘Polyx-Oil is no exception, as it meets the requirements of both EN 71.3 and DIN 53160, by being safe for humans, animals and even on children’s toys. Polyx-Oil’s reduced solvent content mean it’s much healthier for those suffering from asthma and other breathing problems, compared to other oil or wax finishes.

‘Polyx-Oil is made up of purified, natural plant oils and waxes and contains no biocides or preservatives; it is this organic base that makes Polyx-Oil such a premium product.’
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