Photo finish for Fila

Professional products include Filakristall Plus, a shine-restorer that’s said to rejuvenate

tiles, safely and quickly, restoring more than 90% of the original sheen.

The reportedly high-coverage treatment is suitable for the renovation of polished marble, limestone, agglomerates and natural stone, in domestic and commercial installations.

Also, unlike many traditional crystallisers, Filakristall Plus doesn’t create a slippery surface.

During application, the ready-to-use spray treatment is applied to a clean, dry surface and immediately polished.

Its acid pH formulation is said to be free from hydrochloric acid, so it won’t erode aluminium or steel - or present a hazard to users or the environment. As well as restoring sheen, Filakristall Plus also creates additional resistance to daily traffic, making ongoing surface maintenance ‘faster and easier’.

Fila’s finishing range also includes natural, satin, glossy and solid wax treatments, Formula Marmo cream conditioner and eco-friendly Filaclassic liquid wax, from Fila’s Green Line.

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