PPC and Burnisher

FOR cleaning and maintaining vinyl, tiles, concrete and resin systems and creating a high-gloss, glass-like finish, The Preparation Group has launched the Burnisher 430. With its reported high-speed operation (1500rpm) and flexible pad system, it glazes as it glides across the surface, producing a hygienic, shiny, yet non-slip shine, the company says.

A drive plate is fixed to the machine which can just be lowered onto a cleaning or scrubbing pad and used with or without chemicals or water.

PPC claims that cost saving and environmentally friendly cleaning can be achieved by using the Burnisher 430 with The Preparation Group’s double-sided Storm Diamond Pads and just water.
The machine features a 1.6kw motor, is reportedly easy to use with simple controls and has an adjustable handle height for operator comfort.

An onboard dust collection port ensures clean results when used dry and the fold down handle is ideal for transportation and storage, says PPC. It emits a low noise level so doesn’t disturb normal daily operations.
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